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If you live with the burden of pain, or symptoms of long COVID, consider becoming a citizen scientist today. You can give us useful information. It will help guide health research and improve the lives of people living with similar health challenges.

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What is a citizen scientist?

A citizen scientist is a person who wants to help answer scientific questions. If you’re curious about science and want to share your experience to help yourself and others, you can be a citizen scientist.

You’ll join forces with health scientists researching pain and long COVID. By providing information about your experience, you can help scientists ask better questions and get better answers when researching pain and long COVID.

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Burden of pain survey

Share your experience with pain

Pain affects many people, but it is complex and poorly understood. We invite you to share your experience living with pain so that scientists can get a better picture of how it affects people. You’ll also help them understand how research can help improve treatment.

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Long COVID survey

Your story is important

Long COVID is a new condition. It is complex and not well understood. We invite you to share your experience of living with long COVID so that scientists can better understand how it affects people like you. Let’s work together to help people recover.

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Data Points

Your answers to the questions help health scientists better understand how symptoms affect citizen scientists like you. Each answer is a data point. The more questions you answer, the more information scientists will have. With more information scientists can solve the problems that patients face.

What we’ve learned so far

Interested in seeing how your experience with the burden of pain or long COVID are similar to, or different from, others who also live with these conditions? Click on the boxes below to explore what we’ve learned so far from people who have already filled in the survey.

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Citizen Science Pain Research is funded through the BC SUPPORT Unit

Involved partners include:

BC Support Unit
Pop data BC
University of British Columbia
Post COVID 19 interdisciplinary
Arthritis research Canada Arc
Pain lab studios
Simon Fraser University
Tactica Interactive