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Pain is a complex personal experience. Help us learn more about the burden of pain on people living in Canada.

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Pain affects many people but it is complex and poorly understood. Often in health research, the people with first-hand experience of a disease, condition, or symptoms are not asked to share what they think or feel. We invite you to share your experiences with pain. We will listen to and learn from your answers, so that health scientists can get a complete picture of how pain affects you and people like you.

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Have you ever wondered how health scientists come up with questions that they want to answer with research?

Typically, the questions are shaped by what scientists already know or have experienced, or are curious about. But when it comes to health topics such as pain, no one knows more about it than the people who live with it. By sharing your experiences, we can learn how pain affects people, and together we can discover new ideas for research that can ultimately lessen the burden of pain.

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Your privacy is our top priority. We have made sure that no one can find out who you are and what you said. We follow strict rules set by organizations responsible for keeping data safe. To learn more about what we have done to protect your privacy, read our frequently-asked questions document.

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We will share with you what we learn from the information that you and others have kindly given. We will post on this website graphs and other summaries of the findings so that you can see how your experiences with pain compare with others.

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Curious to know how pain affects everyday life? See data from people across Canada who have shared their experiences so that we can all better understand how others live with pain.

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