Symptoms of long COVID

Long COVID is a group of symptoms that linger for at least three (3) months after someone gets COVID. These symptoms may include things like brain fog, fatigue, breathlessness, headaches, ringing in the ears, loss of taste and smell etc. Help us learn more about the impact of long COVID on people living in Canada.

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Your participation as a citizen scientist matters

Many people are living with long COVID and there are many questions about how best to help them recover.

Your journey with long COVID is unique. However, if you and others share details about your symptoms and how they affect you, health scientists can use this information to guide research to solve the puzzle of long COVID. We can work together as citizen scientists to help people recover from long COVID.

Help scientists ask the right questions

Have you ever wondered how health scientists come up with research ideas?

Typically, the questions are shaped by what health scientists already know or have experienced. Sometimes it’s by simple curiosity. But when it comes to health topics such as long COVID, no one knows more about it than the people who live with it. That’s why we are asking you to share your experience as a citizen scientist. It’ll help us learn how the symptoms affect different people. And if you come back and do the survey again – perhaps in a month or six months – you can help health scientists learn more about how symptoms change over time.
Together we can discover new ideas for research that will help improve the quality of life of people like you who are living with long COVID. We can also can learn together about how long it takes for symptoms to improve.

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Privacy is built into the survey. We have made sure that no one can find out who you are and what you said. We follow strict rules set by organizations responsible for keeping data safe. To learn more about what we have done to protect your privacy, read our frequently-asked questions document.

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What we’ve learned so far

Citizen science is a “2-way street”. As people complete the survey, we will share with you a ‘rough picture’ of what we are learning. We will post graphs and other summaries of the data on this website so that you can see how your experiences with long COVID compare with others. Simply click on the ‘Explore long COVID data’. You can choose what results you want to see – for example, how other people, of your age, gender, or living near you, report their symptoms. You can see the information you want, as often as you want.

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Why I’m helping

Built with people like you! A diverse group of six (6) patients with long COVID helped to build this citizen scientist platform.

Common questions

We have pulled together a list of answers to the questions that we most commonly hear from people who want to learn more about this long COVID citizen science platform.

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